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Channl Catfish


FlatHead & Blue Catfish

Photos Channel and bluecats

Home Made Bait

Chicken liver bait

Catfish Dip Bait ?/ Stink Bait

Getting'em off the hook &
How to measure them

Catfish Bait Soap

Cleaning your catfish / how to fillet it .... See The Photos

Tips on how to clean, ?scale bream panfish perch

Check The Catfish Boat's Video Library below

See what the flagging juglines look like in action

Watch for more Videos to be added soon !!

Watch 2 catfish being caught at the same time on one Catfish Jugline

Removing a circle hook with ease this takes alittle practice

Catfish Flagging Juglines and ?Catfishing jugs ?on Lake Conroe

The Catfish Boat
Lake Conroe, Texas

These are some catfishing tips for catching catfish on Lake Conroe. They have worked for me, ?and I hope they help you. As you know, each fisher- person has their own methods, tricks and secrets, when it comes to catching catfish. ?If you have an idea that you want to pass along, send it to me and I will post it on here with you being named as the writer. ??????