The Catfish Boat

Catfish-n Tips

"CHUMMIN"       There are several methods and things that are used to chum for catfish. One of the most popular on Lake Conroe for catching catfish  is "Range Cubes", thats right... Range cubes  I have found this to be the least expensive and it don't   STINK!!!!! A 50lb. bag of range cubes cost anywhere from $4.99 a bag up to $6.00, and is available at any feed store. Once you have located your fishing spot, throw out some range cubes, you don't need to cover the bottom, about two handfulls, is usually enough to start.   In addition to that, I also use a wire mesh "fish basket". Take the basket and fill it about 1/4 the ways up. Then lower the basket down , just off the bottom.  It takes about 30 minutes for the cubes to start disolving. ( This was another non-scientific study,  that was done at an undisclosed location, also known as my kitchen, in the sink. The things we do to catch fish!!!) The basket keeps the cubes from settling into the silt, on the lake bottom.  It has been said that the higher the percentage  the cubes are the least likely that they will float back up. I have used several different brands, some disolve to fast and some are just to expensive.  So, rule  #1, use what works for you and what fits your budget.