How to clean or  fillet a catfish

       Many folks love to go "fishing" and most of all "catching".  Now that you got'em in the boat,
It is time to clean'em.
These pictures may help you some,  When you have alot of  smaller keeper size   approx 13 " to 18"  catfish to clean, most of us fillet them.
a nail, pliers, skining  them, whats that?
  This is the first cut, just at a slight angle across the body, from the top fin, to the bottom fin, along the rib cage.( some folks like to cut through the ribs, that is personal preference), I take the knife and follow the rib cage.Now cut  down and  angle  the knife until you feel the back bone of the fish, by now the knife should be almost flat on the back bone. work your knife toward the tail following the back bone.

As you get close to the tail,  STOP, just short of cutting the skin all the way through

Now, lay the fillet over the tail and hold the head of the catfish, take your knife and gently start cutting , with the blade almost  horizontal.

Move the knife toward the end of the fillet away from you.

Now you are done..... Catfish Fillet !!!!!

As you are cleaning  your catch, put the fillets in a tub or bucket of water and let them soak as you are cleaning them. This keeps the blood from drying on the meat, especially during the summer months.
This is not the absolute way to fillet a catfish but it works, with some practice and a few butcher jobs you will get ot down.
Good luck, keep your fingers, and maybe keep some band-aides handy.

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