When you mention Jugging, catfish juglines,flagging juglines and catfish, most people have a mental picture of the traditional bleach bottle bobbing around, out in the water.
However, a new trend in  catfish jugging is gaining in  popularity, with fishermen and fisherwomen. The catfish jugs of today are high tech compared to the bleach bottle days. Below is a very popular style of Catfish jug.  The jugs are known as "Flagging Jugs" and "Catfishing Jugs" or "Flagging Juglines".
The jug, which is not really a jug at all floats horizontal in the water. When a catfish strikes the baited line, the tug triggers the internal flagging system and makes the jug stand up, vertical. NO MORE GUESSING and wondering if you gotta fish or not. Many fishermen and jugliners  in East Texas use this type of jug on Lake Houston, Lake Conroe and other lakes as well. The most common and most popular style jug are  the flagging  juglines.
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you will need windows media player, let it load,and watch the catfish ACTION !!
*************FLAGGING CATFISH JUGLINE***************

Catfish Jugging has never been more fun or as easy!

The above catfish were caught on the Flagging Juglines.

Redneck's Flagging Juglines and Catfish Bait Soap are now available at the Anchorage Marina on Lake Conroe

The bait used for catfish  jugging will vary from fishermen to fishermen. The least expensive bait is fresh shad or frozen shad and plain old beef heart.. And believe it or  not, Catfish Bait Soap, "Redneck's Catfish Bait Soap".  

These two blue cats,15#s and 9#s.  were caught on lake Conroe, 9/5/04 on the same jugline, using  Catfish Bait Soap

November 13,2004  
37 lb Trophy Blue Catfish from Lake Conroe,  on Redneck's Juglines
Catch and Released !!

Redneck's Flagging Juglines

Redneck's Flagging Juglines and Catfish Bait Soap are now available at the Anchorage Marina on Lake Conroe

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Many anglers choose to use those colored swimming pool noodles in the construction of their homemade juglines. A word of caution, If you are not a commercial fisherman, your jugs are required to be white...
For the time it takes to track down all the materials to build a set of juglines including the white foam, I have found it much more easier to purchase the juglines already made up............ Just my Opinion.....

In Texas your catfish juglines are required to be white.
See T.P.W.D Regulations : http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publications/annual/fish/legaldevice.phtml

If you are interested in Catfish Jugging and want to learn more about this exciting way to catch catfish, be sure to check out the websites below. You will find Fishermen from all over Texas that use Flagging Catfish juglines. Find out how to rig your flagging juglines,  what baits to use and where to get your Flagging Jugs..
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