How many times have you caught those panfish known as brim or bream or perch? And usually just chunked them back because they are a pain to clean and  scale them? Skinned knuckles, fins poked in your fingers and nothing to hold on to!!!!!!!
Check this out, a veteran Perch Jerker, showed me this, and you can blaze through a mess of panfish in nothing flat and still have all your fingers.

Take a small diameter dowel or as in the picture below a plastic "chop stick", gentley insert the stick into the little fish's mouth and now you have a "Fish Stick" !!!

The stick acts as a handle and using pressure by pushing down on the stick, you can hold the little panfish still, and sclale'em in nothing flat !!!!!!!
Now when you and the kids are catching all those bream, Keep'em, Clean'em, and Fry'em !!!

After scaling the fish, cut the heads off, gut'em and fry them whole, what a treat.

How to clean , fillet a catfish

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How to clean / scale Pan, Perch Fish