The Catfish Boat
Lake Conroe, Texas

Catfishing Tips

Is it a KEEPER?   The keeper length here in Texas for blue's   and channel catfish is 12" Measure from the head to the tips of the tail fins. Don't get greedy though, If you already have a bunch, Release the "just made it " keepers  and catch them another day.

Well, we have all caught'em, now it is time to take'em off the hook. This is where alot of people get stuck. Don't try to grab the catfish dangling in mid-air. I lay it down onto the floor of the boat, just to where it's tail is flat, this will keep it from flopping as much. Then pick it up from the belly side just under the fins. Holding the catfish like this will also be easier to get the hook out....But Becareful !!!!!!!