The Catfish

There are several types of catfish found here in Lake Conore. The most common is the channel cat. The blue catfish and the flathead are also caught quite often. Catfish can be found across Texas. In rivers, lakes and stock ponds. They are very adaptable to a wide range of conditions. On Lake Conroe they can be caught year round.  Although some times of the year is better than others. Catfishing is and has become a very large attraction to anglers. Right up there with bass fishing and crappie fishing. They can be caught on rod-n-reel, trout line and jug lines.

Types of Catfish

Channel Cat

The channel catfish is pretty easy to identify quickly. It has more of a slender or slim body than the blue catfish.The most noticable feature is the distinct deep forked tail. The curved anal fin has 24 to 29 rays. The color and markings are different depending on the age of the fish. The younger ones usualy  have dark spots on them, on the sides. The spots are less visable and sometimes not seen at all on the older adult channel catfish. Alot of times an adult channel catfish,  that is full of chum is mistaken for a blue catfish. The channel cat is more of a greenish tan color, and yes don't forget the WHISKERS.

The Catfish Boat
Lake Conroe, Texas