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The topic has come up time and time again, in the search for a catfish bait, catfish stink bait and a catfish dip bait that works. If someone said pig manure would catch catfish and it was sold in a bag, you can bet, we would buy it and try it at least once.
I think I have tried just about every catfish bait that is sold in the store. And have made and tried several homemade catfish baits along the way. Some work pretty good, some didn't work at all.
Recently, I was turned onto a catfish dip bait by Papa John,  made by Magic Bait Co, called, Premo Hog Wild Super Sticky. This stuff is so thick and sticky and stinks it is unbelievable. You can even cast with it.
It comes in two flavors "Original Hog Wild" and "Chicken Blood", and man, do they stink. When I first started using it, I didn't use any chum, to see if it really worked and to make sure that the chum was not assisting it. Well, BAM, fish-on, that stuff works. For rod-n-reel catfishing on Lake Conroe, give this stuff a try.I have found it in only three places around Conroe. The Walmart store in Conroe and Hunstville and Montgomery County Milling-Feed Store in Willis TX. This may be the ultimate catfish bait, it sure ranks up there pretty high, so far.The Premo Catfish Dip Bait gets a thumbs, up here.

Alot of people ask me, "How do you use that stuff?"
To get the best results and the easiest way to use Magic Bait's PREMO Hog Wild Super Sticky Catfish Dip Bait is with the "HOG WILD SPONGE HOOKS. After you tie the sponge hook on the end of your line, drop it into the jar of dip bait, use a paint stir stick and push the sponge down into the bait. Cover the sponge with the bait and you are ready to catch catfish. For best results squeeze the water out of the sponge before adding more bait to the sponge.

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