The quest for the perfect CATFISH BAIT, well the stores have a shelf dedicated just for catfish bait and each claims to be the best. I have spent a bunch of money on these mixtures just to see if they work.The results of My non-scientific research, and many hours out on the lake, has brought me to the conclusion that the perfect bait, that doesn't stink, is not messy,and not expensive has yet to be found. However, we all have our favorite bait. Mine is a homemade concoction of chicken liver and flour, made into a paste or better known as dip bait. Its cheap, don't stink, and not too messy, Best of all,  it works!

I received several e-mails asking about this home-made dip bait.So from an undisclosed location in the country, also known as the kitchen, I took some pictures as I mixed up a batch.No special equipment is needed, although a blender would be nice, (Guys normally don't have a blender in the kitchen), so I use an old fashion potatoe masher. This bait works really good for catching catfish on Lake Conroe. Give it a try and let me know.

pour it into a mixing bowl,do not drain use it all

mash it all up, I use a potatoe masher,

pour in some flour, a little at a time ,

use one pint of      chicken liver

now take a paint stir stick and dip your sponge hook down into the goop!!

see!!! no mess on your hands

Now, mix or stir it up until thick and pastey

ok, now spoon it all back into the original container

It's that simple, now you are ready to catch some CATFISH!!!


Don't leave this rolling around in the back of the truck for a few days either,besides the flies and the smell,no-one will want to ride with you!!!!!!!!!!.......Randy

The Catfish Boat Lake Conroe, Texas