The Catfish Boat


Here are some tips for using chicken liver for catfish bait. Yes, it is messy and often difficult to keep on the hook. But it is a good inexpensive bait. You don't need to buy all that expensive catfish cheese bait stuff.

First, try to get fresh liver, it seems to work better than frozen.

When handling it be gentle. The reason alot of folks have a hard time keeping the liver on the hook is because they tear it apart. When you tear or pull it apart, it breaks up the membranes. And this is where it gets hard to keep the liver on the hook.

Get a sharp pair of scissors. Use the scissors to cut small pieces off, about the size of a minature marsh-mellow. You don't need a "big-ole glob" hanging off the hook. Buy using the scissors, most off the membrane tissue is still intact.

Now, what kinda hook? Eagle Claw Bait Holder size 1 up to size 2/0 works really good for this. The tiny barbs on the shank help keep the liver in place. This hook is also pretty durable, when you have to use the pliers several times on it to remove it from the catfish.

This is a very popular catfish bait on Lake Conroe and Lake Houston

Try it out.