The Flathead Catfish

The Flathead catfish is also know to us as the "Mud Cat' or  "The Yellow Cat" or even "Shovel Head". This fish also can be found across Texas. The Flathead can live a long time, some say up to 20 years long. When full grown, they can weigh up to 100 pounds. The quickest way to identify a flat head is the tail. It is not as deep as the channel cat's tail at all.  And they are more of a greenish yellow color.

The Blue Catfish

" The Blue Catfish" is similar to the channel cat. Except it has a wider or fuller body and does'nt have the spots like the channel cat. The anal fin has more rays, 30 or more. The color is more of a blue-ish/silver on the sides. And yes don't forget the wiskers.

BBelieve it or not, some people unfamilar with a catfish, think that the wiskers will sting you.  Well they don't hurt at all. Although, the fins will get you. They do hurt when you get stuck.  BE CAREFUL!!

The Catfish Boat
Lake Conroe, Texas