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Hello, my name is Randy Frisina, My first trip to Lake Conroe was in the 1970's. When I was a kid my parents took us to a field on  

FM 830, and pointed to some survey stakes in the ground. My Folks said they bought a lake lot, on Lake Conroe, I didnt see any water back then. In time, the lake was finished and water was everywhere. It wasn't long and houses started popping up all around the lake. I remeber the days when the only way to get the boat out, into the lake, was to follow a narrow hydrilla path through the cove where the Anchorage Marina is now. Back then you could go out, tie a Coleman lantern to a tree stump and catch crappie all night long. I have seen alot of changes and growth around the lake over the years. I came up with, The Catfish Boat, to make access to the lake more enjoyable and affordable, for those who have limited access. I hope you enjoy Lake Conroe and catfishing as much as I have all these years. Give me a call or e-mail me, and we can plan your next fishing trip. Lake Conroe Catfish Guides, Randy Frisina... @ 936-672-2936 or E- Mail:

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