November 2003  Gathering

The group had their November Gathering on the 7th and 8th. I was invited to attend, even only having  been a member for a short time. Well,  we drove down to Lake Houston, which is located just off FM1960.
Upon arrival at a place called BJ's, my family and I were met by people with names like, Gentle Ben, TROB, Mudcat, Gator, Auctioneer, and I can't forget to mention the wives and familes.  Even though this was the first time to meet these wonderful people in person, We kinda already had met on So I really didn't feel to out of place.
As we sat around the crackling campfire, we talked about the usual fishing stuff, but what got my attention was the involvment by everyone their. It was not just a "guy thing".  This was a family event.
The guys like, TROB, Gentleben, Mudcat, and soforth, had put a bunch of jugs out earlier in the day and were bringing in their catches.  The pictures below show that these folks know their fishing.  

I want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Gentle Ben, for making my family feel welcome.  And if I have failed to mention anyones name it was not intentional. We enjoyed Our visit to Lake Houston, and meeting the Fishingtx. Group.  I encourage anyone who is intersted in fishing contact the folks over on

The Catfish Boat